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Bhuta cult/Bhutaradhanam is a peculiar divine performance/worship of Tuluva’s. In Tulunadu there is no fixed theory to get divine power or risen as Bhuta/Daiva .Most of Daiva’s basically humans especially Dalits

Some people shown extra ordinary power ,or did extra ordinary work ,or questioned the socio evils like untouchability becomes Bhuta’s in Tulunadu ofter death. Here such death is called as“mayo”. Few   ordinary people also become Bhuta ofter blessed by their Bhuta . Tulu word Bhuta may emerged Sanskrit word Putam means purified, even Hindu God Vishnu also called as Putam. It may took changes like this putam>puto>buto>bhuta.

There is another possibility is there in the root of word Bhuta .Most of the Bhuta’s are basically humans in olden time so the person who was in past ( bhuta kaalam) may called as Bhuta . The myths and legends of the Bhuta deities often relate to the local heroes and heroines. Some of their songs reflect certain episode from the local history. Divinity to these heroes had been attributed by the society.

Whatever it may be Bhuta’s are divine powers who gives protection from evils or we can call them Gods of Tuluvas. They are not devils or evil powers

Ali Bhuta was a muslim who came to Paresthanam , a place near Arikkadi -Kumble ,Kasaragodu district by searching proper place and job to live . a person belongs to Bhilllava community gave shelter to him .In their house ,a young beautiful lady Deyi was there .

Ali was a womaniser who try to get her .She was not obliged by him.
Ali was a sorcerer By the help of mantric power ,took Deyi under control him/fascinated /enchanted her

So she dies .

As Ali had a Tayita ,a mantric power machine ,no one could not able to punish him .So all of them prayed Goddess Mantra Devata. Mantra Devata pleased with them and emerged as a beautiful woman.

when Ali came to near a river ,she was taking bath ,and called him to river for bath .He is attracted her beauty and took his mantric power machine kept on the floor and moves near to her in deep river ,In that time he lost the support of Tayita ,so Goddess killed him.

Later he risen as Ali bhuta /Ali Chamundi and worships in Tulunadu. worship of Ali Bhuta shows the Hindu Muslim Harmony In Tulunadu

Before getting divine power, either they are Hindus, Muslims, Jains, good person or bad person, he was worships equally ofter risen as Bhuta /daiva by getting divine power ,this is greatness of our Tulu culture 



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