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Kalkuda and Kallurti Bhuta (C)Dr.Lakshmi G Prasad

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copy roghts reserved(C)Dr.Lakshmi G Prasad

 kalkuda kallurti Bhuta (deity or daiva) worship is a centuries-old tradition unique to Tulunadu. A form of spirit-worship, bhutas should not be mistaken for devil worship. They in fact represent the maanuda satyolu, meaning “truths of the land”. More than a thousand bhutas are worshipped but Kallkuda and Kallurti have been accorded the most respect. But how did they achieve their preeminent status?
This is the story of twins Kallkuda and Kallurti – the two twin 

daivas of Tulunadu.
Kallurti and Kalkuda
Shambhu Kallkuda is a sculptor living in Karkala taluk’s Kella Puttige. When his wife Eeravadi is pregnant with Beeru Kallkuda (Kallkuda) and Kaalamma (Kallurti), her husband is summoned by the king of Belagola and tasked with creating the statue of Gomateshwara. Bowing to the king’s order, Shambhu Kallkuda gets down to work. Several years pass. In the meantime, Eeravadi gives birth to twins - Beeru Kallkuda (Kallkuda) and Kaalamma (Kallurti) – who grow up without their father.
One day, when the children are playing, a boy asks Beeru Kallkuda about the whereabouts of his father. Frustrated over not knowing the answer, Beeru poses the question to his mother. Eeravadi says that his father had gone to work in Belagola and not yet returned. The innocent child replies that he will go in search of his father. His mother tries to dissuade him but Beru is adamant and says he want to work.
copy roghts reserved(C)Dr.Lakshmi G Prasad

Next morning, Beeru leaves home as promised. He travels a lot.
One day, Shambhu Kallkuda is sitting near a lake when Beeru arrives at the spot. Both do not know each others identity. Curious on seeing the small boy, Shambhu asks the name of the boy and the purpose of his visit. The boy introduces himself as Beeru Kallkuda and says that he had come in search of his father, a sculptor.
Shambhu instantly recognises his son and is overjoyed. He too reveals his identity and both are happy at having been united. Later, Beeru asks his father to show his work – the statue of Gomateshwara. So both father and son head to Belagola.
When Beeru fixes his eyes on his father’s work, he begins to find faults in it, alarming his father, who feels that his king would have him killed if he became aware of the faults. Worried over the repercussions, Shambhu stabs himself to death.
Deeply shocked and reeling from his father’s death, Beeru returns to Tulunad with his father’s implements. Later, having heard of his accomplishments, Karkala king Bhaira summons Beeru and orders him to buildbasadis, Gomateshwara, and other statues. As commanded, Beeru finishes building all the monuments and asks the king for a reward. But the king asks Beeru to return the next day.copy roghts reserved(C)Dr.Lakshmi G Prasad

Next day, the king rewards Beeru handsomely but also orders his servants to cut off Beeru’s left hand and right leg so that he might never create another work of similar beauty in any other kingdom.
With his body mutilated, an anguished Beeru sits near a lake. At the same time, his sister Kaalamma, who had left home in search of Beeru, arrives at the spot and is horrified to see her brother’s condition. Shocked and saddened, both of them end their lives by jumping into the lake and become daivas or spirits. 
Referring to the story in his Gommateshwara Charitam (1646 AD), Kannada poet Chandrama Kavi lamented that while king Bhaira honouring the sculptor of Bahubali was widely known very few knew the king’s other side.

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copy roghts reserved(C)Dr.Lakshmi G Prasad


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