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Arabi Bhuta © Dr Lakshmi G Prasad Translation by Aravinda Bhat

Tulunadu tales: Arabi Bhuta© Dr Lakshmi G Prasad

The story of how Arabi Bhuta came to be worshipped

Dr Lakshmi G Prasad|

In Tulunadu folklore, it is not just locals and Hindus who turn into deities/bhutas. There are several examples of non-Hindus and people from foreign land turning into bhutas.

For example, there are Muslim bhutas such as Ali Bhuta, Babbarya, Mapule Mapulthi, Mapulthi Dhoomavathi, Byaari Bhuta, Byardi Bhuta. And Kiristhaani Theyyam is an example of Christian bhuta.

This article is about the story of how Arabi bhuta came to be worshipped.

Arabi Bhuta is worshipped near Chilimbi Malaraayi Daivasthanam in Mangaluru. Every year in April, while providing tribute to Malaraayi by performing 'kola', Arabi Bhuta is also worshipped.

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According to the story, Arabi Bhuta, who hailed from Arabia, traded in dates in Mangaluru. There were many people who came from Arab countries and traded in India.

One day, while this trader was selling dates near Chilimbi Malarayi Daivasthanam, a pretty girl who belonged to Alake family was bathing after having her period.

‌Overcome by lust, the Arab trader moves forward to possess her. At this moment, the girl asks Malaraayi Bhuta for help. Suddenly, Malaraayi makes the girl disappear and in rage punishes the Arab trader by making him vanish.

The Arab trader realises his mistake and aplogises for his mistake. Malaraayi forgives the trader and turns him into a deity with her spiritual power.

In actual fact, it could be possible that both might have been drowned during the struggle. In Tulunadu, it is common for people to turn into deities if he/she has an unnatural death.

The girl, who was helped by spiritual power, is also worshipped as Brandi (Bramanathhi) Bhuta. Both the bhutas are worshipped in Chilimbi.
Reference: Tundu bhutagalu,Tulunadina apurva bhutagalu,Bhutagala adbhuta jagattu
(Translation: Aravinda Bhat)