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Ganapathi Kola (c)Dr Lakshmi G Prasad

Ever heard of Ganapthi Kolam?

Bhagavathi temples in Southern Kerala offer this unique ritual to the Elephant God

Dr Lakshmi G Prasad

Ganesh Chaturthi just got over and different regions celebrate in a most distinct manner. However, Ganapathi Kolam, observed in Southern Kerala is quite special. For, not everywhere, Kolam is offered to Lord Ganesha.

‘Kolam Thullal’ is a worshipping formality of Padeyani in Southern Kerala’s Bhagvathi temples. Padeyani is a kind of ritual to rid all barriers. Pade means army and worshipping martyr is called as Padeyani.Ganapathi Kola (c)Dr Lakshmi G Prasad

Variety of Yakshis are worshipped in Kolam Thullal, primarily Maruta Yakshi, Sundara Yakshi, Antar Yakshi, Marakki Yakshi, Kaala Yakshi, Maya Yakshi, Ambara Yakshi, Pakshi Yakshi, Kaalamatam, Pulimathan,Vatimadan, Raktha Chaamundi Apasmaara Yakshi Devata, Bhairavi Kaalan, Mangala Bhairavi Yakshi and such. Basically, this is the primary worship of Kaali. It is said when Kaali becomes terror they appease her by performing Kolam.

Although there are no details about Ganapathi Kolam, it is also one of the form of worship. Ganapathi is worshipped before the start of any work to ward off barriers. Even in Kolam Thullal, Lord Ganesh is worshiped first. The attire of Ganapathi Kolam will be same as that of other Yakshis.

Interestingly, among Tuluvas there is a different story about Ganesha and it is quite different from our puranas.

Ganapathi Kola (c)Dr Lakshmi G Prasad

For, here Ganapathi is not the son of Parvathi.

The tuluva tale has it that a brahmin boy went in search of a flower called Kepula/Kiskara (a white special flower favourite to Lord Shiva). He enters the world of siri.He sees a beautiful Maisage. She was so charming that the boy fell unconscious. When he woke up, he was advised by Maisage that he should never venture there again as that’s not the place for human beings.

Later, the boy goes to Shiva who asks him the reason for the delay. When he narrated everything, Shiva goes to Maisage’s land and brings her as his wife. She gives birth to Ganesha. He is also called as Bama Kumara in Tulu Folk Rhyme. But in Tulunadu there is no formality of Kola to Ganapathi.

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